Sky Equine ~ Case Study

Case History

Troy - 16hh 8yr old Dutch Warmblood

This is Troy.  I was asked to visit Troy when he was new to his owners in November 2019.  He had quite a tense back but with a couple of massage treatments, improvements were being seen. 

Fast forward to February 2020, he started to show signs that he was uncomfortable with his back once again, so I assessed him again and discovered that it was beyond what I could do with massage, so I contacted a  local equine Osteopath who concluded that he was probably rotated through his pelvis - he can be a bit 'energetic' in the field and we suspect it was from playing around.

After a couple of sessions to correct his crookedness, I was able to step back in and continue with the massgae treatments to ensure that his muscles were helping to maintain a straight frame.  We put together a working rehabilitation programme of straight lines initally, with lots of hacking so that he could re-learn to walk straight.  With lots of patience, massage treatments and use of the Epiony Heat Pad before and after exercise, Troy seemed to be making excellent progress and remained straight.  His work ethic improved as he feels so much more comfortable to work and is freer in his back and pelvis.  However, this was to be short lived again and so we decided to invesitage further.

Sometimes, a horse needs more than I can provide with my knowledge and expertise and so I am always ready to recommend another therapist to help us get back to a point where massage is beneficial again.  Occassionally, though I have refer a case back to the Vet for their expertise and probable investigation work.  Luckilu for Troy, the Vet was able to get to the root of his problems.  Find his full story in the 'Kissing Spine' page here on this website.