Client Testimonials

'I had Kate out today and she was great with my mare who was a little unsure to start with. She shared some great knowledge with me and explained the various parts of the treatment, what she was doing and why.

I can’t wait to see the results of today’s session and have Kate out again soon!'

R. Rumball, December 2020

'Fantastic service, Katie was a real pleasure and our pony enjoyed every minute of his treatment, highly recommend.'

S. McMillan, July 2020

'Had Kate come and massage both our horses today, found it really interesting as Kate was happy to explain what was what and where some troubled areas were,

One horse was very relaxed and the other not so much but that’s him being his ‘special’ self!

Really feel like we achieved something by Kate coming out and helping as like us I thought “there’s not much wrong, will just be a nice treat for the horses”

But little did I realise they had tight areas and with some heat pads and massage I’m sure they r feeling much better,

Kate has given us a programme to go by so we can help keep the boys supple and we very much look forward to next time, thanks Kate, happy clients and highly recommend xxx'

S. Stenson, June 2020


'Our mare Crystal can be a little wary of new people entering her 'zone' as of course they are all potential vets with needles! Kate wasn't sure how many visits it would take for her to be able to fully treat her.... by the end of the FIRST session Crystal could barely keep her eyes open, may have taken a few bribe treats but one very happy and chilled pony who now enjoys her treatments with no bribes and is very relaxed. Highly recommend.'

L. Green, March 2020