Newmarket Equine Salt Therapy System

Sky Equine Physiotherapy brings to you, the Newmarket Equine Salt Therapy System (N.E.S.T.S). A mobile unit to help improve respiratory, sinus and skin conditions for your horse.  Salt has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antifungal properties and the dry, salt enriched air is inhaled by your horse, deep into the lungs via a secure environment.  'The N.E.S.T.S is the only medically certified controlled device on the market.

The N.E.S.T.S helps to loosen mucus and reduce inflammation making it easier for the lungs to function better.  The salt removes pathogen agents like airbourne pollen and increases the resistence to respiratory tract disease.

The skin is the largest organ of the body and horses can really suffer with conditions like sweet itch.  Through the inhalation process, the N.E.S.T.S cleanses from the inside out, helping to reduce inflammation of the skin and improve circulation through the skin surface.  Microparticles will also land on the skin where it will permeate through the skin, aiding with relief from irritation.

This therapy does not replace the need for veterinary care in some cases, but it is an excellent complimentary therapy.  It is also FEI legal meaning that treatments can be carried out on competition day.

100% natural, drug free and medical grade salt is used within the unit so it can be used safely by foals, competition horses/ponies and also the older, retired ones too.


Respiratory & Cardiovascular improvement with increased oxygen to the lungs and therefore the entire body.  Stamina and performance can be improved together with energy levels.  Recovery time has also been seen in previous cases.  Conditions which have been shown to improve include:

  • COPD

  • Hayfever

  • Asthma

  • Sinus problems

Skin & Coat conditions can improve, with your horse showing a glossy coat and can be helped to alleviate symptoms of :

  • Sweet-itch

  • Ringworm

  • Mud fever

  • Skin allergies and rashes

  • Rain scald

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In order to get the maximum benefit from the reatment, a 3 day cleanse will be done on consecutive days, with each day consisting of 20 mins in an enclosed stable.  For deep set conditions, 5 consecutive days of treatments may be required, with monitoring of the condition. Follow-up treatments may be required throughout the year.   Your horse will probably be quite inquisitive about the unit but it should be a calming and stress free treatment.

Each treatment is £40 (£120 for the 3 day cleanses).  A 50% deposit is payable at the time of booking for the 3 day cleanse treatment and this will secure your booking.  A discount can be offered for multiple horses at the same yard being treated on the same day(s).  I cover the Buckinghamshire and surrounding areas but a small fuel charge will be applied for yard visits over 25 miles. 

Frequently Asked Questions...

What kind of environment is needed for a treatment?

An enclosed stable is ideal to help keep the salt air concentrated.  Some stables can be adapted and covered to help make the environment more suitable. Access to a standard plug is required for the mobile unit and I will have an extension lead available with me.  If this is not possible, a static version of the salt room will be available soon for you to bring your horse to.  More information on this to follow.

How does the loosened mucus exit the body?

Over a short period of time, some nasal discharge will occur and this is completely normal, with some horses having more discharge than others.  

How often is a treatment needed after the 3 day cleanse?

This very much depends on the condition which is being treated.  Some deep seated condtions will take a little longer to see the full results and may require more frequent top up treatments.  The overall wellbeing of your horse should improve and so they may find it beneficial to have a treatment every 12 weeks as a top-up.  Monitoring how your horse improves from the initial treatments will help me to advise on the frequency of treatments.

Does my horse need time off after a treatment?

Your horse can carry on their usual routine, however it is recommended that your horse does not exercise one hour before a treatment and for one hour after.  Each treatment is just 20 mins in length.

If you are interested in booking a treatment for your horse,

please do not hesitate to contact me.