Holistic Care for Horses

Epiony Heat Pad Therapy Sessions

I am a stockist of the Epiony Heat Pad and they are great for helping to relax tired and aching muscles.
Sometimes, manual massage therapy alone cannot reach the deeper muscles and so by applying heat, the superficial and deeper muscles can be warmed up, relaxed and become more pliable to movement.
It can be placed anywhere on the body, from relieving the poll area, back or even helping with stiff legs.
If needed, I will use the Heat Pad during a treatment but you can also book a Heat Pad Therapy session for 30 mins.
If you are interested in purchasing a Heat Pad yourself, please let me know and I can arrange this on your behalf.
£25 per 30min session

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Equine Sports Massage Therapy

A Massage treatment for your horse has so many benefits and there doesn't need to be a problem before you book a treatment with me.

Maybe you have been feeling your horse becoming resistent to bending, maybe they are not using their hindquarters as they should be, or simply that their workload has increased and a treatment would help them to adjust to this.  Whatever the reason, by booking a massage treatment with me, you will be helping your horse to work and rest in comfort.

Benefits include...

* Increased flexibilty  * Improved circulation  * Relaxed muscles  

* Relaxed mind  * Enhanced muscle tone  * Reduction in muscle spasms  * Improved stride length and gait balance

£45 for Initial Assessment & Treatment

£40 for each Follow UpTtreatment


Time 45-90mins per treatment

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Medical Taping Concept - Vetkin

In October 2019, I trained in Medical Taping Concept which is a branch of Kinesiology Taping using elasticated tape to enhance the body's musculoskeletal structure.
I use Vetkin Tape which has a pre-stretch in it.  It can be used as a non-medicated pain relief which works on a fascia level of the skin and it can also be great for proprioception purposes. 
Charges for this are dependant on the amount of tape used and advice can be given at the time.
Other benefits include..
* Aids Joint stabilisation
* Aids muscle function
* Aids blood and lymph circulation

Price varies depeding on the condition to be treated.  Please contact me to discuss your requirements.

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TENS & NMES Therapy

Electrical Stimulation Therapy has many benefits and when combined with a massage treatment has proven to get results. There is a difference between TENS and NMES

TENS - this is purely for pain relief as it blocks the pain signals to the brain and has a relaxing effect.

NMES - this is Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation and can be used to help increase muscle tone and blood flow.  I can also use it to help activate and recruit a group of muscles which may be dormant.  Muscles lose tone and can atrophy quickly when not used, so this modality is great for 'kick-starting' them again.

Included within  Physiotherapy plan or applied separately.  Please contact me for more information on this